On a highway not far from where you live, a solitary musician with a guitar and a box of CDs is driving to another gig. No tour bus, no band, no road manager, no crew: just a need to make music and a bag full of songs based on hard-lived experience.

Tonight, in a bar or a coffeehouse or a church basement or somebody's house, the troubadour will share those songs with a room full of people. He or she will crack some jokes, tell some stories about how those songs came about, and sell some CDs to the newly converted at the end of the night.

A round of goodbyes, a night in a spare bedroom or a cheap motel, and it's time for another drive to another town and another room full of people.

Troubadour Blues is the story of modern-day wandering minstrels who ply their trade outside the media spotlight and far from the glitzy world of pop stardom. They are contemporary equivalents of the medieval troubadours who brought the news from village to village, or the itinerant bluesmen and folksingers who hopped freight trains and hitched rides across Depression-era America.

The 95-minute film had its World Premiere on opening night of the Buffalo International Film Festival, Friday, October 14. Since then, we've traveled more than 40,000 miles screening the film at festivals, conferences, theaters and music venues big and small. North American retail distribution is handled by MVD Entertainment Group, and Dan Gurlitz of Soundview Media Partners is the one to contact for international sales. The Troubadour Blues press kit can be downloaded here. Click here to set up screenings or personal appearances by filmmaker Tom Weber or artists featured in the film.

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