Mine is definitely the one with the longest title:

The Man with the Blue Post-Modern Fragmented Neo-Traditionalist GuitarBlue Guitar, for short.

I was with Peter the other night in Carrboro, NC, when he played, back-to-back, two of the 10 classic songs on that album — which has been in and out of print for a long time; I included the link to Amazon.com because they list used copies available. The lighting was just right, the sound was good and the crowd was small but appreciative.

Also that night in North Carolina, Peter played “Walk In the Woods,” an old favorite from his self-titled (and long out of print) solo album. That’s another of my favorite Peter Case albums.

Peter will be on the road throughout 2013; Pollstar has his tour schedule here. There are a lot of so-called Americana acts out there right now; Peter is the epitome of the hard-traveling folksinger, a great storyteller and inspiring performer, a poet and a one-man band.

Make a point to be there when he comes through your town.