Looking at the date on that last post, I really need to catch this blog up to date. I’ll be screening Troubadour Blues Thursday, Feb. 23, at the Folk Alliance International Conference in Memphis, and Saturday, Feb. 25, at the Winter Roots and Blues Roundup in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada — and then sticking around to talk to music and filmmaking students on Monday and Tuesday.

Here’s an ad that’s running next month in Video Librarian, a magazine for media buyers at library systems and university libraries.

Coming up: I’ll be at South By Southwest from March 9 to 19. I’m driving so that I can take my projector and screen as well as camera and lighting equipment. Plans are still tentative, but I’m working with my friend Charlie Stewart of Handshake Management on getting the film into the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema as a special event during the music portion of SXSW, and on a “Troubadour Blues Night” at the Spider House Cafe with Anne McCue, Jeff Talmadge and other artists TBA.

I’ll also be shooting video for a short tour documentary of the upcoming Peter Case/Paul Collins tour, which I’ll be following later in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Peter and Paul will be playing material from their famous bands — the Nerves (Paul, Peter and Jack Lee), the Breakaways (Paul and Peter), the Plimsouls and the Paul Collins Beat — in a full-band show with a rock rhythm section. Should be exciting! Also upcoming is a marathon series of screenings in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and possibly the Pacific Northwest in May and June.

As always, if you know of a venue that would be good for a screening, please let me know. What I most need are for partners who will take on some of the publicity chores so that I can just concentrate on getting there!